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Founded on the belief that there has to be a smarter, more effective way to build an artist’s public and market profiles, Artisan Direct offers programs—including internet, print media, and exhibitions—to introduce working artists and their creations to collectors, the professional community, and art aficionados everywhere. Our services for artists include:

Featured Artists

Peter J. Sucy

After more than 25,000 years of technological advancements, the original process of applying pigment to a cave wall has come back in vogue. Pigment shoots from a narrowed spout and sticks to a stone or "clay" surface. The technology has advanced from using our mouth as the reservoir, our lips as nozzles, and our hands to form the masking tools. Today we have pigment inkjet printers with multiple nozzles many times smaller than we could ever purse our lips. Best of all, now your mouth, nose and hands don't get all messy.

Dennis Griffin

I have always been fascinated by the interplay of color, design, and the magical effects of light and reflections. From the early days working in darkrooms smelling of acetic acid to the present using the immaculate technology of inkjet printers, my goal of making artful images has remained unchanged...to utilize the elements of light, color and design to create unique images of beauty in various subjects.

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Latest Headlines

Art Rochester: 2nd International Art Show, September 5-7

Our second annual art show is shaping up to be a great weekend.

Artisan Direct Rochester presents Art and Cocktails, August 1st

Enjoy the work of 3D lenticular artist Peter J. Sucy, photographer Dennis Griffin, abstract artist Phyllis Jaffe, and contemporary artist Garrett Berry; as well as dozens of other international artists. Sip a glass of wine and browse to live music!

To Participating Spectrum Miami Artists

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation in the 2013 Spectrum Miami Art Fair.

Saratoga and Rochester Quick comments to our artists

I think it was a great first step in identifying ourselves as a serious promoter of high quality art.

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Upcoming & Current Events

In addition to these larger 2014 events, we are planning pop-up and other shows in Buffalo (July), Saratoga Springs (August), and Rochester (September). More information will be online as it becomes available!

Spectrum New York City
Thursday, September 4 — Sunday, September 7, Javits Center North

Rochester International Art Show
Friday, September 5 — Sunday, September 7, Artisan Direct Rochester

World Wide Art Los Angeles
Thursday, October 16 — Sunday, October 19

Art San Diego
Thursday, November 6 — Sunday, November 9, Balboa Park

Spectrum Miami
Wednesday, December 3 — Sunday, December 7