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Founded on the belief that there has to be a smarter, more effective way to build an artist’s public and market profiles, Artisan Direct offers programs—including internet, print media, and exhibitions—to introduce working artists and their creations to collectors, the professional community, and art aficionados everywhere. Our services for artists include:

Featured Artists

Robert Rosenblum

To paraphrase Bob Dylan, he once said that silence is the thing that people are most afraid of. I want my images to evoke silence. Our lives are filled with constant commotion and confusion. All of the electricity in our lives creates more noise in our ears and our minds. Then you see one of my images and it stops, maybe for just a moment, maybe longer, but for a short time all is quiet. The inner dialogue is still and there is you and nothing. Embrace it!

Hannah Ueno

My works are surreal dimension visualized by my dreams and reveries of warped space and time. In those space and time, there are discoveries of a question, or statement, the meaning of which cannot be understood by rational thinking but may be accessible through intuition or lateral thinking. Through intuitive experimentation of digital photo painting, juxtaposing different elements from different times — ancient and modern, memory and present, myth and reality, my work aims to express the metaphysical existence of life.

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To Participating Spectrum Miami Artists

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your participation in the 2013 Spectrum Miami Art Fair.

Saratoga and Rochester Quick comments to our artists

I think it was a great first step in identifying ourselves as a serious promoter of high quality art.

International Art Show and Fair - This week

We celebrate the opening of our Rochester art space with an art show.

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Upcoming & Current Events

In addition to these larger 2014 events, we are planning pop-up and other shows in New York (March); Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire (Summer); fairs in Buffalo (July), Saratoga Springs (August), and Rochester (September). More information will be online as it becomes available!

Select Fine Art, New York
Thursday, May 8 — Sunday, May 11

Spectrum New York City
Thursday, September 4 — Sunday, September 7, Javits Center North

World Wide Art Los Angeles
Thursday, October 16 — Sunday, October 19

Spectrum Miami
Wednesday, December 3 — Sunday, December 7